Due to the SARS-CoV-2 crisis, I am currently unable to spend much time answering questions on Ask a Jew. Don’t worry I am okay, I am spending most of my free-time volunteering further with Citizens Advice. With this in mind, I can not spend much time answering questions but I will get to them if I can!

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Welcome to Ask a Jew a website where you can submit a question from someone that follows the Jewish faith and about anything going on in this world. While I am happy to answer any question about the Jewish religion that I can – please do feel free to ask any question about what a Jewish person may feel about current events, video games and what not as this is the original intent of the website when I started it many years ago!

Please feel free to email me any question you wish but please do understand I will not answer any nasty emails, reply to threats and so on so please do not waste your time sending me these emails.

With that said you have a question you want answering – please do send it my way! I will publish the answers on this website but I can not promise how long it will take for me to answer them.

Hello, My wife is a devote Christian, I am not. She insists that Jewish people are still waiting on a ...
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Hello, I was reading the quran when I stumbled upon an ayah (Ch:7, Ver:163), which made me wonder if Jewish ...
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So in short, I play a role playing game with around 50 people working together in a guild. 5 of ...
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I have bee asked to provide Talmud books for a theatre prop. I will print the back cover and spine ...
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