What is a High Sabbath?

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What is the difference between a Sabbath day and a ‘High’ Sabbath day?

Question from Sherry

Thank you for the question and it is one you will find if you search for it you will find answers mostly from a Christian point of view. Within the typical Jewish faith and culture there isn’t a “High Sabbath” but you will find the closest term is Yamim Noraim or High Holy Days.

Yamim Noraim are important days within Jewish faith and culture which has their own rules and customs when it comes to those high holidays. Most High Holy Days most Jews will get involved with even if they are not that religious and are generally treated the same as if those days are the Sabbath

So what is a High Sabbath then? In short, it is a term found in Messianic Jewish and not one you will typically find within Judaism but they are days Messianic Jews and Christians treat the same as if it was the Sabbath.

So to answer the question – the difference is a “High Sabbath” is a day treated like the Sabbath within the Messianic Judaism faith but Judaism does have something much alike known as High Holy Days.

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