Avoiding a anti-semetic joke

So I got this question the other day from someone that did not leave a name asking about if picking up coins is anti-semtic.

A doctor (who is Jewish) told me that picking up change from the ground is anti-semitic. I can sort of see where he is coming from, but is that really a belief held by many Jews? Are you telling me that a person wouldn’t pick up a hundred dollar bill just because others would make jokes about a man who is Jewish bending over to pick up money?

Honestly, I would call this a lot of bull as you could make an anti-semitic comment about anything. While there are things regarding finding lost money and what not but that aside I would call you a fool not to pick up the money.

I would bet the same people that would make anti-semitic comments about Jews picking up every bit of money they can are also the ones that are picking up the same coins given the chance.

And thirdly and from experience, no one really cares nowadays unless you actually live in a anti-semitic area.

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