What is “Shavuot”?

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What is the Feast Of weeks? (Shavuot)

What is the significance of Shavuot?

What were the orders/instructions G’d gave the people for Shavuot?

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Don’t worry about anything you may mis-spell you will often find a million different ways to spell things within Judaism due to different cultures.

What is the Feast Of weeks? (Shavuot)

Shavuot is one of the major festivals within Judaism which is held fifty days after the second day of Passover and there are two parts of it. The first is it used to be a festival regarding the end of barley harvest and the start of wheat and secondly, it marks the day Jews were given the Torah on Mount Sinai.

What is the significance of Shavuot?

What is more important than remembering the day we got the Torah? The sign outside of the harvest festival is we remember when we got the Torah and the importance it is to our lives and it is the exact moment HaShem and Israel sealed their covenant together for the rest of time.

What were the orders/instructions HaShem gave the people for Shavuot?

There isn’t really much we are told to do beyond customs but we commemorate the giving of the Torah by studying texts all night which is known as “Tikkun”. As it is originally a festival of harvest it is very common to decorate a house hold to bring “the outdoors to inside”.

Beyond that its mostly just to remember our covenant and the Torah. If I am missing something I will research further but there is nothing else we are told to outright do by HaShem.

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