What does Ashkenazi mean?

So well over a month ago, I got a question that is listed below about an “Ashkenazi Jew”. While the question is below, I would first like to say sorry about the massive delays. I have been very busy and now got a massive back log to go over ๐Ÿ™‚

Shalom!! I would like to ask a question regarding as to why the Jews of Europe call themselves Ashkenazi. Thank You!

To start of with you need to first understand that the name Askenazi comes from a person called Ashkenaz. Within rabbinic literature, a kingdom called Ashkenaz was associated within Scythian and Slavic regions. Over time, that went onto being associated with Northern parts of Europe and Germany.

Over time, Jews that was living in those areas started to call themselves Ashkenazi. And it is basically as simple as that.

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