The Origin of Sin

Was listening to talk about origin why sin is the way it is today and it was said that some Jews would say it stems from more than one incident. 1. Adam 2. Noah’s day because of Angels interaction with man. Is this statement correct? One more questions who are the the Watchers according to Jewish understanding?

This is a good question and one after some research I find hard to answer. Within Judaism sin, itself is seen as natural and something that will happen to everyone at one point in their lives and this is something that we have to battle with every single day. I would love to listen to the program you found this from so please do provide a link in the comments if you can.

However, I would hazard an educated guess that I would deem Adam and Eve regarding eating the forbidden fruit and learning between good and evil (this part is likely to answer your question). With this said, however, Judaism has a general understanding that there is no original sin so in practice it doesn’t really matter – we do what we do.

So in terms of the origin of sin – it’s my understanding its always been apart of human nature and something each of us has to fight with every day but we came to understand sin due to learning about good and evil.

Regarding the watchers ain’t really anything much as the Book of Enoch is not really seen as a part of the biblical canon within Judaism (outside of Beta Israel) although they were written quite early in Judaism’s history.

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