Treif left over

Today’s question is as follow:

My kosher jewish friend offered me (a gentile) some leftovers they weren’t eating because they were not kosher. This offended me because while I don’t follow the laws of G_d, I’m also not a trash can and don’t want to eat what others would see as unclean. Is this normal?

For this question I will use the term non kosher but for those interested the term is commonly called treif.

I am not aware of any customs where Jews give non-kosher food to non Jews and nor have I seen this done but I don’t think giving left overs is a bad thing – food waste is a big issue in our modern world and if I had non kosher food I would offer it to someone else (within reason – read further on).

To answer the question itself however it isn’t normal to what I am aware off and I don’t blame you for not wanting to eat what someone else might not eat but it could also simply be a nice offer as it is food that would go to waste nonetheless.

I suppose it also depends what type of left overs – if it was something of a plate I would feel sick – kosher or not but if it is something like canned food etc, extras in a take away that came I would see it as a friend being a good friend.

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