Who am I?

So today I got a question that isn’t related to Judaism but a question I am going to answer as I think it is a fair one for my readers and my answer here is something I will add for further information later on.

I have several questions but am nervous. You don’t say who you are and also you would delete “troll” questions. I don’t know what that means and it sounded unfriendly. So I’d like to know more and what you mean by troll Q’s etc.


First of all please do not feel nervous about asking me any questions. I do not know who you are other than what you send me – you can even use a fake email address and I think I may even remote that later.

Sadly I can not go into too much information about myself as I have had people email me very nasty things in the past but my name is Matityahu, I live in the United Kingdom and I work for a charity known as Citizens Advice.

Troll questions are something I do admit is a bit of a grey area but I will try to explain. For every question I get, I get about three to four questions saying I should kill myself, some other racist terms and whatnot.

If you have a question about Judaism or want an opinion of a Jewish person – please feel free to ask. Just know it takes to take me time to answer questions – I just happen to saw this one pop up!

I do also want to stress I do not email the answers as they get published on this website for everyone to see.

Reference Me

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