Why did animal sacrificing stop?

First I would like to say sorry regarding the replies lately I been quite unwell but I see there quite a few to be answered and I will do it from newest to older!

So today’s question is:

I finally obtained a copy of the Torah. I am reading in the book of Leviticus the laws of Moses. There are a number of Laws about the offering of animals. I am certain this is no longer a practice. Many other laws are still are valid (dietary). Other than laws of the land what is the justification of not doing this now or have other thing been substituted such as beets for hearts?

While the law of the land is one answer it is mostly because the temple was destroyed and we needed the temple to do the sacrificing. While I am not going to get into a debate about the ethics behind it, not my point of view it has been replaced but not in the same way.

Today Jews work towards repent not by sacrificing but by prayer, by charity work, by good deeds and more. Animal sacrifice was not the only method to be able to atone for sins and I honestly have not yet met someone that wants it back.

Just like how the Torah limited animal sacrificing – we are in an era where as people we don’t feel we need to do it anymore and the Torah provides other methods for that reason.

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