The Father of Mary

First of all I would like to say sorry to my readers about the lack of updates, had major problems with the emails sending and currently sorting a new method out. Anyhows I got a question quite a while back asking about Mary’s father.

i know this is a strange question, and i am familiar with alot of your beliefs. I am an agnostic, i have not made a descision as to a religion. I have read both the old testament and the new testament and i would like to get a jewish interpretation of a question relating to the new testament. Please do not be offended that i ask of a question relating to jesus but i would really like a third parties perspective. Here is my question: Who is Mary’s Father (Mary being the mother of jesus)?

Well the biggest problem to this answer is simply the New Testament doesn’t state anywhere the name of Mary’s father however with the writings of the Gospel of James, Joachim is the name that seems to be linked to Mary’s father as long as you do not mind extra-biblical sources that is very hard to prove.

Due to restoring the website I have long lost the image I had here of Jesus’s family tree. Sadly I am unable to replace it.

Hopefully that does help answer questions but honestly I doubt this answer will ever come to light – there just doesn’t seem to be many recordings of Mary’s father anywhere beyond some “questionable” text. If you know any better sources, please do let me know it is a somewhat interesting question.

Now to answer my view of the question – no idea. From what I know about, I recall it isn’t said anywhere and I never seen any history sources saying otherwise and the name Joachim was used simply to fill in a gap that was not known. I also recall there is nothing or little known about Joachim life either so honestly, I couldn’t really answer this question well

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