Do Jews eat ducks?

Today’s question (and for those interested I am currently writing up another answer to a question likely out later in the week that I think you will find interesting) and it’s a simple one.

Do Jews eat ducks?

Yep, we do. Domestics ducks are kosher but I am not aware of how common it actually is eaten within Jewish households and there may be a reason for this – ducks are debated IF it is kosher. The reason for this is mostly due to the fact it is not outright said but ducks, at least to my understanding, are clean birds and ticks every box needed and thus is kosher.

You may hear some people debate that the “New Kings James” Bible (Christian) says ducks are swans but first that is a mistranslation and anytime you debate anything within Judaism it is best to look at the original Hebrew texts and not a translated version.

With that said if you are looking for a very well translated version of the Torah – I would recommend this version: The Hebrew Bible: by Robert Alter.

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