Commonly Asked Questions

Can you translate this into Hebrew for me?

Can I? Yes. Will I? No. The reason I do not do this is I get far too many requests doing so that this website would just be Hebrew translations. I am happy to translate at a price but otherwise, you are best looking elsewhere.

Saying that I do not mind questions about the Hebrew language itself!

You haven’t answered my question – should I resubmit it?

Assuming your question is a legit one it is either I am researching the answer or I have not yet had time to write it up. I will do so as soon as I can. Make sure to check this website often as the answers will be published here and not emailed out to you.

What is your name?

Kyle ben Avraham Avinu. I am assuming you may mean my birth name but my Hebrew name is the one I go by with everything Judaism related.

Did you convert to Judaism?

I did. Many, many years ago now.

Why are comments disabled?

It got to the point where I had about twenty comments a day saying I should kill myself, another bunch saying how Israel is the devil and more with some Hilter pun. It sadly isn’t worth the few amazing comments I did have.

If I may ask where do you work?

I’m an adviser for a charity within the United Kingdom called Citizens Advice.