Talmud says Jews can be a dick to Gentiles

So today I got the following question from someone asking about the Talmud.

Why does the talmud seems so evil when it talks about gentiles?

Now at face value you are correct, it does seem so evil and seems Jews are able to steal from gentiles and pretty much do whatever we please but once you studied it you will see it isn’t like that all and everything has to do with context.

I will just do one example and that is stealing. Something we call the “Code of Law” clearly states that stealing is forbidden – even to a gentile (and not to say that in a superior way) and so does the Maimonidies also say the very same thing.

What it does say however is and it is example time again. Lets say you lost a tenner and I came across it (and by came across it I mean you dropped it somewhere) I would not be a sinner if I did not return it.

So no, we can’t go around stealing as many people think. I got a good link for you for further reading: http://www.sinaicentral.com/jewhaters/defending_the_talmud.htm.

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