Do I believe in Jesus?

First I would like to say sorry for the downtime of this website – I didn’t notice the domain expired! So today’s question is

do you believe in jesus


This is a question I get quite a lot on Ask a Jew but overall the answer is “no”. You will find in most Jewish communities the answer will be no nor will they believe that he was the son of G’d or the Messiah.

However, do I believe Jesus existed as a person? Yes, you will find more and more people nowadays within the Jewish community comes to see Jesus as a Jewish teacher in a time that was politically … interesting for Jews and Romans.

With that said you will find there are Jews out there that believe in Jesus and the original Christians would have quite likely to have been Jewish but you will find most Jews that belief in Jesus would have converted to Christianity

If anyone reading is interested there is a movement known as Messianic Jews which tries to combine the core of Judaism and what it is to be Jewish but aside with the belief that Jesus is the Messiah and the son of G’d but you will find in general Jews do not believe in Jesus as how Christianity does.

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