Merged families and the Plague

Today’s question is quite an interesting Biblical one!

Question about the plague of the first born.

So in a family that has half brothers which one would be killed? Example: mother and father have a son, father dies, mother remarries and has another son. Would they both be killed as the second son is the first born of the new dad?

The truth to this is we do not really know and sadly I am unable to find any sources that even remotely hints about merged families during that time nor could I find anything about twins being within the plague to see what happened there.

An educated guess and this only goes by the logic of the time that I would assume both be killed as the father was seen as very important in the family household and that it was “their bloodline”.

Sadly however it will only be an educated guess on my behalf but should I ever find an answer to this I will update this at a later time.

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