Synagogues and Modern Life

Over the last few days I have been getting the same question from different people so I am guessing someone been assigned a project so I will answer the question (everyone who submitted sent the same question, just worded differently).

How important is a synagogue in Jewish 21st century life?

The Shull is very important to the Jewish community and ultimately will be what makes Judaism survive in the years to come, but from experience it seems a Shul is simply only important nowadays for the religous side of things and have lost its importants in terms of being the center of a Jewish community.

To me personally, a Shul is not that important as I am able to learn anywhere and if I need guidance, I am able to visit my local Rabbi and can even contact him by email without having to visit the Shul personally. If you are doing a research project, I would advise you to read a wonderful book by Rabbi Herring called Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today.

Overall in my opinion – it sadly is not as important as it used to be, although I would love to see it once again become the center of a Jewish community.

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