Piercing and a funeral

A couple of days ago I got the following question (sorry for the late answering for these, got a whole back log!).

I have a question, when attending a Jewish burial would one have to remove there piercings? Only asking as if I get one I would not be able to remove it until it heals completely which could take months to even two years. Jewidism is a important part of me even if I don’t show it much, I would rather have a piercing then a tattoo as they can be removed if needed even though I do think of getting a tattoo at times.

Example snake bites.

Thank you for taking you time to answer this question.

Techinally from my understanding (and quite a few other Rabbis), piercings themselves is not against Jewish law and thus you could have them. However answering your question I would remove them as a sign of respect. As you have said about a burial, I am assuming you may be attending one soon and if so – why not just wait until afterwards and then get your piercings.

In other words, I would not worry too much about it but if you can remove them in such a event. Ultimately people are not going to be bothering over what you look like but for the mouring of the dead.

Hope it helps.

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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2013) Piercing and a funeral. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: https://askajew.co.uk/2013/02/13/piercing-and-a-funeral/ [Accessed 07 May 2021]

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