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What is “Shavuot”?

Today’s question is

Message I was wondering if you could answer the following questions.

What is the Feast Of weeks? (Shavuot)

What is the significance of Shavuot?

What were the orders/instructions G’d gave the people for Shavuot?

(I want to apologize if I did not ask these questions properly or if I misspelled the words. My acts were not intentional.)

Question was slightly changed in order to write it as G’d out of respect.

Don’t worry about anything you may mis-spell you will often find a million different ways to spell things within Judaism due to different cultures.

What is the Feast Of weeks? (Shavuot)

Shavuot is one of the major festivals within Judaism which is held fifty days after the second day of Passover and there are two parts of it. The first is it used to be a festival regarding the end of barley harvest and the start of wheat and secondly, it marks the day Jews were given the Torah on Mount Sinai.

What is the significance of Shavuot?

What is more important than remembering the day we got the Torah? The sign outside of the harvest festival is we remember when we got the Torah and the importance it is to our lives and it is the exact moment HaShem and Israel sealed their covenant together for the rest of time.

What were the orders/instructions HaShem gave the people for Shavuot?

There isn’t really much we are told to do beyond customs but we commemorate the giving of the Torah by studying texts all night which is known as “Tikkun”. As it is originally a festival of harvest it is very common to decorate a house hold to bring “the outdoors to inside”.

Beyond that its mostly just to remember our covenant and the Torah. If I am missing something I will research further but there is nothing else we are told to outright do by HaShem.

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The scrolls in the back

Today’s question is as below. For the three people still waiting for their question to be answered – I am in process of doing so.

What is written on the scrolls inside the Ark?

I am assuming you are speaking regarding the scroll found in the back of a Shul within the Ark and the answer is simple – it is the most important text of them all – the Torah!

I am going to link to a Wikipedia article that explains it in far more detail but in a nutshell it is a hand written copy of the Torah which is commonly known as the Sefer Torah.

Excluding commentary you can often find in a book form of the Torah (commonly called Chumash) they are the exact same between the books and the scrolls.

You can find more information about how it is made and much more on Wikipedia here: Sefer Torah.

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The Jewish & Christian HaShem

Today’s question is an interesting one!

Hi, I am currently reading the bible and in the old testament right now. I was raised a Christian but am no longer religious.
I think the Old testament is not exactly the same as the Jewish version but still was hoping to get a Jewish perspective on something that I’m very curious about.
In the early books, God is portrayed as specifically interested in the Jewish people and it seems to me that God is seen as the Jewish God. Does that mean that Jews considered God to be exclusive to Jews? I mean, when Christians speak of God, do Jews consider that to not be the same deity?
I just don’t see anywhere so far where God is available to others. God may speak to others but it is always in the service of helping the Jews.
Thank you for addressing this. I hope it makes sense.

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Why Jesus is not the Messiah

Hello, My wife is a devote Christian, I am not. She insists that Jewish people are still waiting on a Messiah. I say this is Christians promoting a view that suits their story line. What say you? Thank you

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Pikuach nefesh

Hello, I was reading the quran when I stumbled upon an ayah (Ch:7, Ver:163), which made me wonder if Jewish people are not allowed to work on Shabbat then what do the doctors, police officers do if there is an emergency? Do they strictly adhere to their religion and refuse to work during say a road accident. Thank you!!

SAHIH INTERNATIONAL Sahih International – Ayah: 7:16

Today’s question is quite a common one and it is one I am going to explain in a bit of detail. For anyone reading wondering why your question isn’t answered yet – I got three questions that go into quite some depth and I have not yet to have time to research them. Quite good questions as they go into both Judaism as a race and skin colours.

For those that do not know, the lines in the Qu’ran above is as follows.

And ask them about the town that was by the sea – when they transgressed in [the matter of] the sabbath – when their fish came to them openly on their sabbath day, and the day they had no sabbath they did not come to them. Thus did We give them trial because they were defiantly disobedient.

In Judaism there is something that is very important and honestly one of the most important things to worry about – the idea that Jews are to save other lives where possible (Pikuach nefesh) and this also applies to most laws and that includes many of the Sabbath ones.

Before I go on, it is worth saying defaming G’ds name is never allowed, forbidden sexual acts, murder (excluding self defence where it is NOT possible to do so otherwise), or to trade your own life for another (risking it however is fine).

So let’s get to the question. Can doctors, police officers (and in fact anyone) break the Sabbath in order to answer to an emergency? It all depends on what the emergency is. If it was something that is not threatening someone’s life. So if there was a crash and urgent medical care is needed then yes, there is an obligation to help within your means. In general practice there will be many other doctors, police officers and such that it is unlikely a Jew would need to work on the Sabbath but if they were needed urgently because there was no one else and someone will die if not, then the answer would be yes.

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Is this antisemitism and why?

So in short, I play a role playing game with around 50 people working together in a guild. 5 of them are new and were playing another gaming while chatten in the guild chat, so that we all could read it. In this other game dropped an item that one of those 5 people wanted to have. He then wrote “JUUUUUDDDDEEEEE” in the chat. So I thought that he wanted that item, didn’t get it and called the winner a For me that was antisemitism. I said I the chat, that there is no room here for this behavior and that he should tibk about it. He then chatted with me privately an said that I got it all wrong. It wasn’t a slurr, but he is called a jew by his gaming friends for bering lucky and greedy with items. He won that item and then psted “juuudeee” in the Chat. I said that it is still anti semitism, positive but still… He said that is bullshit and I am over sensitive. What would you say?

Today’s question is related to antisemitism. The very short answer is yes, this is antisemitism and now for the longer answer.

While I do understand that the person isn’t “using” it as a slur and likely hold no bad feelings to Jews nor his friends – it keeps a stereotype going that all Jews are greedy and this is bad to keep passing around.

So are you overreacting with it? I would say no. It is quite possible himself and his friends are annoying people who do not want to speak up but more importantly, it just shows how accepted this is still nowadays and if people like yourself don’t speak up, it will never change.

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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2020) Is this antisemitism and why?. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: [Accessed 12 Jul 2020]

What does the Talmud look like

I have bee asked to provide Talmud books for a theatre prop. I will print the back cover and spine but don’t know what to put on the other (right cover. Is there anything printed? I cannot find any pictures online. Thank you?

So today’s question is about the Talmud. Honestly, your question doesn’t really have much of an answer as the Talmud (and assuming you ain’t speaking about the Torah would have a far different answer) comes in many different styles.

Talmuds written in Hebrew are read right to left and the covers are done accordingly and languages read left to right have a cover like a typical book. The cover typically says what version of the Talmud and the back the publisher and such. If you just pop on Amazon you will see many versions of the Talmud being sold with most of them just looking like a typical book.

So in your case, I would just find a Talmud published in the area of where your performance is based on and recreate based on that.

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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2020) What does the Talmud look like. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: [Accessed 12 Jul 2020]

Granite and Judaism

Today’s question is as follows.


I was wondering if you could please perhaps assist me with an enquiry. Does granite have any significance or meaning within your religion?

Any information you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated.

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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2020) Granite and Judaism. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: [Accessed 12 Jul 2020]

What is an Eruv?

Today’s question is one that I imagine a lot of people who live in a Jewish community may not even have seen and sadly something that also is not that common in the United Kingdom.

I am trying to learn more about Eruv. I understand that it is a boundary helping Orthodox Jews be able to move about on Shabbot. Is the line that looks like fishing wire continuous? I tried to follow it but it ended and is not visible along the map the local synagogue posted.


In the most simple way to explain this that an Eruv is a “pole with a wire” on it that encloses an area that symbolically “merges” an area so that private homes and public areas are “merged” into one private area thus avoiding transferring domains which allows a Jew in order to do things that otherwise would not be allowed outside of their homes on the Sabbath. Such examples are carrying keys, medication, baby prams and more.

I think before I carry on it may be worth discussing what a domain is. There are four types of domains which are.

  • Private (such as your home)
  • Public (such as a shopping mall)
  • Neutral (something that isn’t really either
  • Carmelit (everything else that isn’t above)

If it is still hard to understand imagine a square that is your house. Now imagine a bigger square around your house – this bigger square is the Eruv which encloses your house so you live within the Eruv – your house happens to be apart of it as long as the whole thing is always connected. The logic being you are no longer going from private to the public domain when leaving your house – you never left as long as it is within the Eruv as the domains have been merged!

The red line is the Eruv

Now to answer the question – yes they are continuous. The boundary of them is not to be broken otherwise it is no longer valid until it is repaired. You will also find that it is not always a line as other things such as a fence and walls are also included.

There is much more to it than a simple wire or fence in order to make it valid but for the sake of the question, I feel I gone into enough detail but if anyone is interested in the conditions needed in order for this to be valid then do let me know!

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Who is “Hashem”

Hello, I just heard the Jewish call to prayer and the second verse says “Hashem is our God” and the third verse says “Hashem is the one and only” who is Hashem in the Jewish faith? I’ve never heard that name in the Jewish faith before.

Today’s question I got pretty much about 10 minutes ago before I was going to head out for the day but it is to do with the name – Hashem.

Hashem (or in English simply “the name” is a way of referring to G’d without saying his name (or one of his many different names). It helps to never use his name in vain and to treat it with respect. You will find this name is commonly used outside of reading the Torah.

If you are a Harry Potter fan its kinda the same logic as with Voldermort and with the whole “he who shall not be named”.

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