What do Jewish men like as gifts?

With Hanukkah now over I thought I would come back to answering a few questions and while there are two very interesting questions I will answer some point next week (one about digital currency – will be an interesting read!) I figured I will do this quick one.

So the question was simple – what do Jewish men like for gifts. Well this is the same as any male really it all depends on what they like and typically buying something for their hobby would be great. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a website like https://www.israel365.com/ (no referral link).


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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2017) What do Jewish men like as gifts?. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: https://askajew.co.uk/2017/12/20/what-do-jewish-men-like-as-gifts/ [Accessed 21 Sep 2020]

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