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Is this antisemitism and why?

So in short, I play a role playing game with around 50 people working together in a guild. 5 of them are new and were playing another gaming while chatten in the guild chat, so that we all could read it. In this other game dropped an item that one of those 5 people wanted to have. He then wrote “JUUUUUDDDDEEEEE” in the chat. So I thought that he wanted that item, didn’t get it and called the winner a For me that was antisemitism. I said I the chat, that there is no room here for this behavior and that he should tibk about it. He then chatted with me privately an said that I got it all wrong. It wasn’t a slurr, but he is called a jew by his gaming friends for bering lucky and greedy with items. He won that item and then psted “juuudeee” in the Chat. I said that it is still anti semitism, positive but still… He said that is bullshit and I am over sensitive. What would you say?

Today’s question is related to antisemitism. The very short answer is yes, this is antisemitism and now for the longer answer.

While I do understand that the person isn’t “using” it as a slur and likely hold no bad feelings to Jews nor his friends – it keeps a stereotype going that all Jews are greedy and this is bad to keep passing around.

So are you overreacting with it? I would say no. It is quite possible himself and his friends are annoying people who do not want to speak up but more importantly, it just shows how accepted this is still nowadays and if people like yourself don’t speak up, it will never change.

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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2020) Is this antisemitism and why?. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep 2020]

What can I do with a neo-nazi?

A few days ago I got the following question.

Dear Rabbi,
I’m a NY Jew living in the SouthWest UK, a town called Plymouth. It doesn’t have a regular weekly Rabbi but has one of the oldest Synagogues in the UK. The Jewish community exists but is SMALL. I own and live in a beautiful listed, historical building with other middle class folk, 25 flats total. A neo Nazi somehow got thru the vetting process of a skanky estate agent and now lives right next to my flat. They started parking their motorcycles in front of this lovely building, in a non-designated area that makes it difficult for resident’s cars to get into their spots and get out. It turns out one of the 2 bikes has a large Swastica on the top of it’s seat and is VERY noticable to all that enter and leave the building. If anyone should wish to sell or even rent their flats, this Swastika will be seen to all potenial tenants etc. For myself, I simply can’t bear living in a building with a disgusting flat of twisted racist white supremicist Jew haters. And right next to my flat as well. The town of Plymouth was destroyed completely by the Nazi’s in WW2 so I can’t believe the other tenants can live with this threat either. I’m VERY upset about this, but don’t know where to turn for help in this matter. Please advise if you can? Many thanks, my blood is BOILING!

I know what you are feeling and it is never a good feeling. Your problem can only be sorted by contacting the council and the police. The first problem with the bikes as if they are parking in a area they are not allowed too then contact the land lord of the building and explain to them the problems people are having with parking their cars but sadly there is little anyoen can do about the swastica.

There is not much I can say about them living right next to you but I would imagine you are feeling threaten living there and if so I woudl contact the police and tell them. Also try contacting your local MP and explain the problem to them as these are the only people that can really do anything about it.

With that said, sadly neo-nazism is not illegal in the United Kingdom but if they outright make a threat or do anything to offend you – document it and go to the police right away.

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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2013) What can I do with a neo-nazi?. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep 2020]