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Granite and Judaism

Today’s question is as follows.


I was wondering if you could please perhaps assist me with an enquiry. Does granite have any significance or meaning within your religion?

Any information you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated.

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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2020) Granite and Judaism. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep 2020]

Reading of the will

Sorry about the lack of replies right now – am going to be going over my quite large backlogs and life right now be taking over so much of my time.

So I got two questions the other day which you can read below.

Hi! My question is: after a death, how long would a mourner wait to read the deceased’s will? Would it be totally taboo – or even not allowed – for the next of kin to ask to see if the day after death? Many thanks 🙂

Sorry, another question – I read that flowers weren’t a done thing at Jewish funerals, but would a Synagogue make an exception if the deceased, was, say, in a relationship with someone non-Jewish, who wanted to have flowers? Thankyou!

To answer the first bit about the will – It might just be me but I never heard or read anything that says you can’t read the will a day after a death. I did try to look up from a few different sources but I couldn’t find anything. I could be wrong but I can’t find anything to say otherwise.

Regarding the flowers, you are correct there. There is a couple of reasons why we don’t place flowers and its mostly down to everyone being equal, flowers die and not a good way to remember someone and that its better usage elsewhere for the money you spend on the flowers.

What I mean by this is it’s better to give the money you were going to spend on flowers over to a charity in the memory of the one that has passed away. It will help other people and have a far more long impact and after you done that take a simple stone and place it on the grave to show someone still remembers.

Regarding the actual question would they allow it? This is a harsh “maybe” but it might be seen as disrespectable or even just removed outright.

I’m going to toss out a link to Chabad about what you can expect on the day:

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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2018) Reading of the will. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep 2020]

Piercing and a funeral

A couple of days ago I got the following question (sorry for the late answering for these, got a whole back log!).

I have a question, when attending a Jewish burial would one have to remove there piercings? Only asking as if I get one I would not be able to remove it until it heals completely which could take months to even two years. Jewidism is a important part of me even if I don’t show it much, I would rather have a piercing then a tattoo as they can be removed if needed even though I do think of getting a tattoo at times.

Example snake bites.

Thank you for taking you time to answer this question.

Techinally from my understanding (and quite a few other Rabbis), piercings themselves is not against Jewish law and thus you could have them. However answering your question I would remove them as a sign of respect. As you have said about a burial, I am assuming you may be attending one soon and if so – why not just wait until afterwards and then get your piercings.

In other words, I would not worry too much about it but if you can remove them in such a event. Ultimately people are not going to be bothering over what you look like but for the mouring of the dead.

Hope it helps.

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Matityahu ben Avraham Avinu (2013) Piercing and a funeral. [online] Ask a Jew. Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep 2020]