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Working on the Sabbath

Curious about how work is decided on the Sabbath? Is Jewish soctor not save a life? If there is a car accident in front of your house would it break the Sabbath to help out? Why would the omniscent God actually care about things such as this? Does the Jewish faith carry out laws written in Leviticus? Sorry for so many questions

Never be sorry for asking questions – it is the only way we learn!

Doctors do have a duty to help ease and heal people but when it can be avoided a Jewish doctor should not do said duties on the Sabbath nor another type of forbidden work but there is a law called “pikuach nefesh” which pretty much means saving a life.

Saving a life is seen as far higher than most things we are commanded not to do. Such examples includes eating non kosher food where otherwise you would starve and another example is where otherwise someone would die.

So in the questions above if a Jewish doctor was the only one that could save the person life then there is no question at all – their doctor oath comes first. If there was a car accident then checking people are alright or having to contact any services is fine.

It is worth adding that while saving a life is above most commands there are some that are placed higher such as not allowed defaming G’ds name, certain sexual acts and murder (although in self-defence or yourself or another is).

The Sabbath is important because it is a day we give to G’d. A day where we remember what G’d has done for us, the time it took for creation and for G’d on the day he picked to rest. I can not tell you why its important to G’d but it is important to us to remember everything that has been done for us.

Leviticus (I will carry on using this name for the rest of the question by Vayikra is the Hebrew name of the book) in a nutshell is something we should follow but there are parts which many Jews do disagree with such as animal sacrifice and it is something debated in the community about why. Nowadays the book is often read as a historical reminder of where we have been and it’s quite likely to be debated even further when The Third Temple is built.

So to answer that question not exactly nowadays. Some parts are, some parts ain’t and it ultimately varies between Jewish communities and sects.

Lost in believing in G’d

The other day someone sent me a question which basically asking on how does he believe in G’d or for a better word – where does he fit in. Question below.

I believe that GOD is the only devine being but at the same time I believe that yeshua was loving towards the believers of God and laid his life down in the belief. I believe though that the only one to worship is God. So do I believe as a jew or a christian or is there just no place for me?

This is actually a commonly question I get asked a lot and the answer is technically not either. While you are able to convert to Judaism I do get the feeling within your post that this is not what you want to do.

There are many Jews that believes Yeshua (or for those reading that do not know, it is a original translation of the name Jesus) was just a person that was spending the word and love of G’d to the people of his era and I myself share this view.

However lets get back to answering your question. To Judaism what you are is known as a Goy (some people though have used this word as an insult over the years, so the world gentile tends to be use nowadays) and are bounded to what is called the Laws of Noah. I have already written another answer to a question much like yours and the answer will also cover what is best for you to do and where you are finally able to feel where you belong. Click here: How to worship G’d as a non Jew.