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Contacting to Judaism at a young age

A short while ago I got a question from Izzy who asked.

How can I convert to Jewism if I’m 14?

The technical answer is you can convert at that age but practically I doubt it will be possible for a Rabbi to start the progress with you as converting is quite a serious choice you have to make.

With that said there is nothing stopping you right now from going to a local Rabbi from the branch of Judaism you wish to convert to and speaking to them, getting used to the culture and learning much more about Judaism so you know you are making the right choice.

It also worth saying that your local Shul quite likely has evening lessons about Judaism (and possibly Hebrew) where you can learn a lot more.

Remember there is no harm at all from having an interest in Judaism at such a young age – I did as well!

Converting to Judaism – already been circumcised.

Quick question and answer today. The question I was asked by a man is listed below.

I am thinking of converting to Judaism. I have already been circumcised so a circumcision would not be required. However, due to personal reasons I have big issues with displaying my genitals. Will anyone require proof of my procedure or will they take me at my word? Thanks!

The short answer is they do not need to take your word for it as they will require, if you are circumcised, to take a small drop of blood from your foreskin as a custom. So the answer is sadly if you convert to Judaism, you will very likely be required to do this so yes, they need to see your genital to do this.

However this is often done by professional doctors (well, normally anyhow) and they have seen just about everything before so if your will to convert to Judaism is very high, it may be worth the few minutes it will take.

That said, speak with your sponsoring Rabbi when you look into converting to Judaism – they will speak to you about it further and what needs or what not needs to be done.